Do I have to be registered to vote?
All voters must be registered in the constituency in which they live in order to vote. Registration takes place throughout the year. If you move to another constituency or change your name, you must register that change with the Parliamentary Registrar within 28 days of the change.

Why does a voter have to register?
Voters must be registered so that a list of voters can be prepared in advance of an election to determine numbers of voters, and also to ensure that everyone who comes to vote is eligible.

Who can register to vote?
Persons can register to vote if they are Bermudian and 18 years of age or older, or non-Bermudian Commonwealth citizens who were registered to vote on 1st May 1976.

Can I vote if I will be off the island or in hospital on polling day?
Persons who expect to be off the island or in hospital on polling day, may vote at an advanced poll approximately one week before. Certificates of intended absence or incapacity are required.

How can I tell if I am registered?
Registration lists are always on display at all post offices, police stations, the library, the office of the Parliamentary Registrar and online at

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