The Winds Of Change

28 October 2005

Hon. Premier W Alexander Scott, Delivers the opening address for the 38th Annual Delegates Conference.

It is my privilege to stand here tonight and greet you the members of this great Progressive Labour Party.

Members we are on the cusp of momentous change in Bermuda. As such, it behooves all of us to go through a period of self examination of our commitment. Commitment to our people, commitment to our Country and indeed our commitment to this great Party. Great men and women – soldiers fighting for justice and equity.

There are members who have gone on to their heavenly reward who gave their lives for this Party, your Party, the Party of the late and Honourable Eugene Cox, the Party of late and Honourable David Allen, the Party of the late and distinguished Jimmy Williams, the Party of the late visionaries, [...MORE]

Annual Delegates Conference

27 October 2005

Hon. W. Alexander Scott JP, MP
Premier & Party Leader

The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party is pleased to announce our Annual Delegates Conference to be held at the Devonshire Recreation Club, Frog Lane, Devonshire from the 27th to 29th October 2005 inclusive.

This powerful, three day conference, entitled 'Working Best When We Work Together', will see a host of inspirational speakers, a variety of workshops and inspiring round table discussions with the Party's leaders. The conference will formally begin Thursday night, at 6pm, with a live broadcast from our Party Leader and Premier of Bermuda, the Honourable W. Alexander Scott JP. MP.

On the morning of Friday, October 28th, the conference will see delegates at work undertaking the general housekeeping of the Party in the form of formal reports delivered by Deputy Chairman Delroy O'brien [...MORE]

Housing Press Conference

17 October 2005

Senator Walter H Roban, JP



Good Afternoon Everyone.

Housing is priority number one for the PLP Government.

This government’s goal of ensuring the protection and provision of Housing for all Bermudians is on the move to success.

The government is not building high-rise luxury units, or luxury condominiums or exclusive luxury homes.

They are providing a strategy for and are currently providing affordable housing for those who need it.

The Minister of Works and Engineering & Housing, the Hon. Ashfield DeVent’s presentation of the Orange Hole and Sand Hurst Development will provide nine families with housing.

This is a success of the PLP governments housing programme.

This achievement is one in a number of steps the PLP government has taken since 1998 to make housing accessible and [...MORE]

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