Renee Webb Resigns as Cabinet Minister

Today, Premier the Hon. W. Alexander Scott JP, MP announced the resignation of Minister Renee Webb from the Cabinet. In submitting her resignation, Minister Webb also relinquishes responsibilities for the Ministries of Tourism, Telecommunications & e-Commerce.

Premier Scott said, “I have accepted Minister Webb’s resignation with regret. I valued the contributions she has made to the Cabinet and to her various portfolios. However I respect her decision and wish her nothing but well in the future. Ms. Webb is an elected Member of Parliament and there is no doubt she will continue to represent her Constituency with the vigor and passion she is known for.”

The Premier has recommended to His Excellency the Governor, the following changes to the Cabinet:

Minister Ewart Brown will take on the responsibility of Ministry of Tourism. As a result this will give him a dual portfolio, and he will assume the role of Minister of Tourism Transport. The Premier believes this appointment brings synergy to Ministries that play a vital role in Bermuda’s Tourism industry.

Minister Michael Scott will be appointed to the Ministry of Telecommunications and e-Commerce, and Attorney General Larry Mussenden will fold into his portfolio the responsibility of Legislative Affairs.

Premier Scott will take the opportunity to review his Cabinet over the summer recess


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