Mr. Michael John Scott is a Lawyer by training and is the sole proprietor of a Somerset legal practice Browne Scott. Senator Scott is an attorney with 22 years of practice to support him. Prior to starting his own practice he was associated with Messrs. Scott & Scott a firm co- founded with his brother and an early association with Browne & Wade Chambers the law firm of two previous Leaders of the Opposition.

Mr. Scott has been a legal practitioner and fully engaged in PLP politics for a combined period of 22 years. His legal knowledge and skills and political experience combined make him one of the several able advisers to the Party.

Mr. Scott assisted the Party in his first General Election campaign in the former constituency of Hamilton West in 1985. In 1989 he was made an approved Candidate for the PLP and contested the constituency of Southampton West He has fought this constituency in successive General Elections, since 1989 until 1998 . In each election, he has consistently made gains for the Party. In the lead up to the significant 1998 General Election Campaign, Mr. Scott was appointed PRO for the Progressive Labour Party and has been very active and successful in responding to the Party Leader’s decision to make this organ of the party more responsive to the party’s supporters and the Bermuda media and in crafting the Party image and message in a powerful and effective manner. Following the 1998 Election Victory for the Progressive Labour Party Mr. Scott was appointed a Government Senator with responsibility in the Senate for Legislative Affairs, Development & Opportunity and Telecommunications and E-Commerce, joining a powerful team of five Government Senators. Following the July 24th. General Election Mr Scott was re appointed to the Senate as Government Senate Leader and Minister of Legislative Affairs a position he currently holds.

Mr. Scott earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Mount Allison University in English Literature and History. Mr. Scott was called the English Bar in 1981, and is a Member of Middle Temple where he completed his pupilage at 12 Kings Bench Walk London with a concentration in criminal and civil litigation, before returning to Bermuda to practice in 1981. Mr. Scott is a member of the Allen Temple AME Church in Sandys Parish. Mr. Scott is a member of the tenor section of the Allen Temple Senior Choir. He is member of the Board of Trustees of the Church and a member of the A.C. Copeland Simmons Scholarship Fund.

His interest include reading, history and physical fitness.


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