The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party (PLP) was launched by seven working class men motivated by Wilfred Mose Allen, in the back of town garage of Hugh Ryo Richardson. The was a regular gathering place for these gentlemen to gather and discuss the issues of the day with fearlessness and passion. This group became known as the ‘Garage Gang’.

The other esteemed members were Albert Peter Smith, Edward DeJean, Walter NH Robinson, Austin Wilson, and Dilton C. Cann. The name of the party was conceived around the dining room table of Mr. DeJean. The first official meeting was held at the offices of Walter N. H. Robinson, Church Street, Hamilton February 10, 1963.

Bermuda’s oldest political party, the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, founded in 1963, has in the relatively short span of thirty-four years grown into one of the two major political forces in this mid-Atlantic country.

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