In October, 1998 the PLP presented a plan to bring forth a ‘New Bermuda’, here is a summary of some of the policies and objectives set out in the party platform:

  • Equal Opportunity for All;
  • Better Jobs for Bermudians;
  • Empowerment as a key development strategy;
  • An investor friendly policy environment;
  • Macroeconomics stability;
  • Fiscal discipline in all matters and new standards of Revenue Management;
  • Accountability and Transparency in all areas of governance;
  • In vestment in people as well as in physical infrastructure;
  • Preservation of the family
  • Protection of the natural environment;

Take a closer look at the full document of promises from a PLP Government that has delivered.

  Party Platform - Section 1 (Adobe PDF)  10.5MB
  Party Platform - Section 2 (Adobe PDF)  10MB

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