Alaska Hall
16 Court Street
Hamilton, Bermuda

A Historical Back Ground of Alaska Hall, PLP Headquarters
The PLP undertook the massive job of restoring and renovating Alaska Hall as the major event marking its Silver Anniversary in 1989. The building had been physically unchanged since the Working Menís Aid and Helping Society built it in 1896 in conjunction with the Ladies of Industry for their Lodge room.

The Central Committee of which he was a member assigned Mr. Charles Daniels, an experienced building designer, responsibility for the project. He was given a clear directive by the Central Committee that the renovation should restore and preserve the glorious historic features of Alaska Hall while at the same time enhance the building with the latest in building with the latest in building technology and design.

The estimated cost of the project was half-a million dollars. Mr. Daniels assured the Party that the restored Alaska Hall would be an excellent representation of all that it had meant to the working class people of Bermuda since the late 19th Century, and it would take the PLP well into the 21st Century as the excellent home it deserved.

Dedicated members of the Party were generous in forthcoming with the ideas, expertise and other equity labour required to get the project underway. Mr. Reginald Burrows and his wife stepped forward to provide mortgage money, and in so doing saved the Party thousands of dollars, which it would otherwise have had to pay.

Acquisition of Alaska Hall in the first instance was facilitated through the good offices of Mr. Cecil Frith, the senior surviving Trustee of the property. He was the leading Undertaker in the country at the time. The purchase was enabled through a gift from Mr. George Hasslacher , a Frenchman who upon winding up his affairs in Bermuda gave the PLP his Shares in Kirkland Savings & Loan ( the precursor to the now defunct Bermuda Provident Bank).  They were used as collateral to finance the initial mortgage.

Courtesy of Mr. Ira Philip

Last Updated: June 2003

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